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Saturday Night

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Truth In Advertising

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Harper's Bizarre

New Sweeping Anti-Terrorism Measures

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Steps to Knowledge

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Just over an Hour

The Hobbit

Happy Birthday, Lego!

Ice Fishing

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I am not a geek

The Most Beautiful Equation

China Bans Wordplay

The Fall Of The Roman Empire

The Sound Of Silence

Caws and Effect

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I In Eye

Area 51

Recent Advances in Oscillation Theory

Geeks ... Then and Now ...

The Danger of Owning a Smart Phone

Homewrecking 101

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The Things We Do To Ourselves

The Things We Do To Ourselves Part II

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Heaven and Hell


Beer Part II

Super Bowl Sunday (Beer Part III)

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Lemon AIDS

Safe Sex

Original WD40 Ad

Women Are Like Bacon

Promiscuous Software

The Last Line Of The Song ...

Last Night Is A Blur

Not My Circus

This poor girl will never, EVER, experience direct eye contact


Good News / Bad News


Lapcodpiece Computer

Ahhhhh Walmart

Look On The Bright Side

America In The 21st Century?

Crash Test Humpty Dumpty

Anonymous Superman

Batman's Recurring Nightmare

Arab Spring: A Pyramid Scheme

Hold on there! ... I think you misunderstood ...

Media Drone at The Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Great Big Sea


Corrupt File

Unfortunate Juxtaposition of Name and Career Specialization

Don't Check Your Brains At The Door

My Sister, The Scientist

Blood Relationship Flowchart

Summer 1970

Krista - Hallowe'en 2012

The Melting Dead

Admit it ... I'm Handsome!


Usually I love my dog, but when he craps all over the carpet ...

Choose Wisely

L. Ron Hubbard ... In An Alternate Reality


If James Bond Had Become A Scientist ...



I'd like to see THIS on Swamp People

What The Universe Revolves Around

Interesting Fact Of The Day - 13th November, 2012

Our Moon

"Ones in a Blue Moon"

Wolf in a Blue Moon

Reflections On The Moon By A Very Human Bean

Hey, Carina Nebula! ... THIS is what I think of YOU! ...

Sunset on Mars

Computer Generated Water

The Green Flash

Global Water Volume

Monsanto: None of your business

Olympic Musings

Approximate horizon when Felix Baumgartner began his freefall

You Are Here

An Outrageous Breach of Privacy

Modern Communications

Drone Survival Guide

Mel Gibson

Jeff Goldblum at the Airport

Ultimate Wine Glass

This Just In

The Secret Lives of Trees

Cannon the Lapdog

Who Let The Dog Out??

Wolf In Forest


Cannon - Birthday 2013

Props For Cannon

First Bike 'n' Dog Run of 2014!

Crabs, Flies, Yeast, Drip

Private Property

Mom's Roses

Skid Steer: 1 - Matt: 0

Sandy On The Dock ... Or Is She?

I Love My Sisters: Both Of Them

Messing With Butterflies and Cannabis Sativa

Hemp Error

Alien Ethics in Anglo-American Science Fiction Cinema

Slave to Technology

Texting ... Then and Now ...

The Most Advanced Social Network Ever Made

One Does Not Simply Log Onto Boromir's Computer


The Ultimate Taxidermy Project

What Makes Me Sad

Lest We Forget!

Lest We Forget! Part II

To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Ikea Crucifix

Zenn Diagram of Religious Philosophies

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